The school will open on Thursday 5th September at 8:40am. Expectation meeting dates added to the calendar for September, all to start at 2:45 pm in the main school hall. Please attend if you possibly can for a guide to what is expected and advice about the year.

Hopi October

Hopi Class have settled well into their first half term at school. Our topic has been ‘Marvellous Me’ where we talked about special family times and people who are special to us. We have looked at ourselves and discussed ways which we are similar and different. We have compared homes in Cornwall to other special homes around the world such as Africa and the Artic. When learning about Africa we learnt the story of Handa’s Surprise, tasted some tropical fruits and thought about hot weather. Throughout the term we have used various materials to make houses, some of our favourites included shape houses. During our theme of homes in the cold we conducted an ice experiment and had lots of discussions about animals and people that live in the cold!

As part of literacy and topic time we have learnt the stories ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to help us learn about characters, story settings and sequencing. We were so surprised to have a visit from Little Red Riding Hood and had lots of questions to ask her!

We have started to notice the seasons change into Autumn and during our Daily Mile we have observed the leaves changing colours and falling off the trees. We will be continuing to learn about Autumn during the second part of the term.

In mathematics we have been learning to order numbers and count carefully. We have learnt to identify 2D shapes and to talk about their properties.

In Literacy we have been learning to read and write individual sounds and are beginning to read short words. We have been practising our reading in lots of fun ways including, bingo, the interactive whiteboard and using practical resources such as cubes and magnetic letters.

In PE we have been learning to change independently, negotiate space, adjust speed and direction and to throw and catch a large ball.

We are very excited for our next topic of ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’