Expectation meeting dates added to the calendar for September, all to start at 2:45 pm in the main school hall. Please attend if you possibly can for a guide to what is expected and advice about the year.

Kiowa October

Kiowa have begun the year in a really positive fashion. We have been learning about natural disasters linked to recent hurricanes that have been occurring across the world. Amazingly, we learnt the power from a hurricane - on just one day - is sufficient to power the USA for six months! This led to our class assembly on the topic of 'Saving Energy' which allowed us to teach the rest of the school about the importance of turning off lights and computers when they're not being used. We found out that 75% of our energy is produced by non-renewable sources - which is not good. We much prefer renewable sources!
We have been concentrating on calculations in maths and expanding our knowledge of different written strategies. As part of our maths, we worked out that the school pays thousands of pounds every year for energy. To get this figure down, we've appointed energy monitors who now actively reduce our energy consumption.
Well done for a great start to the year.