The school will open on Thursday 5th September at 8:40am. Expectation meeting dates added to the calendar for September, all to start at 2:45 pm in the main school hall. Please attend if you possibly can for a guide to what is expected and advice about the year.

Minpins June

Minpins have made the most of the sunny weather. We have used the spray bottles to spray paint in to big sheets of paper. It was great fun and helped us to get strong muscles in our hand and fingers.
The boys have enjoyed looking at road maps this week. They planned a route from the sea to a bog town where the were going to go on holiday.
Minpins  have enjoyed making biscuits this week. We measured the ingredients using the scales and all had a turn to press out a biscuit shape. Minpins smelt amazing when they were cooking and the biscuits tasted yummy!
This term we are learning about sea creatures and sea safety. We have played in the coloured rice and went 'fishing' for sea creatures and enjoyed making wave sounds by moving the rice around the tray.