Take the Stage on Thursday - please remember to complete an application slip (Y2-Y6). No clubs this week. Last day on Friday - the school will close at 2:30pm.

Year 1 - Blackfoot

Welcome to the Blackfoot Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been learning recently. We are a Year 1 class and are taught by Miss Dunster.
Blackfoot have been busy learning lots of new things this half term. We had an unexpected visit from an evil pea who trapped innocent vegetables and started to cause mischief all around the school. As a class we decided to write wanted posters, letters and comic strips to help stop the evil pea. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do it all on our own and we needed the help of a super hero in the form of Supertato!
We have been learning about materials in science and capacity in maths this term and have enjoyed taking part in lots of exciting experiments.