Take the Stage on Thursday - please remember to complete an application slip (Y2-Y6). No clubs this week. Last day on Friday - the school will close at 2:30pm.

Year 2 - Algonquin

Welcome to the Algonquin Class page. Here you can see some of our displays and find out what we have been learning recently. We are a Year 2 class and are taught by Mr Edie.
Algonquin class have enjoyed learning all about important figures from history in our topic “Special People”. We have been especially interested in learning about the lives of Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Florence Nightingale. Using the information we have learned, we have written letters, diary entries, fact files and messages in bottles.
In science we have been fascinated with animals, how they grow and where they get their food from. We have learned about food chains and can use the terms ‘producer’, ‘consumer’, ‘predator’ and ‘prey’ to describe the roles animals play in them.