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Pendennis Castle Year 6

Thanks to the support of Cornish Heritage, Year 6 had the opportunity to visit Pendennis Castle in Falmouth to see how technology had changed warfare from Tudor times to the present day. Cornish Heritage kindly provided funding for the transport to the castle which is situated on a peninsula overlooking the Fal opposite its smaller sister castle, St Mawes.
The children were able to experience life in the Tudor gun platform with traditional cannons, experience training in the WW1 barracks and experience how targets were located in the observation post and Half-Moon Battery in WW2.
The children explored underground recesses and learnt about how important architecture is to fortification construction. They were amazed at how improvements in technology (more efficient ways to kill people) led onto improvements in castle design. They noticed the cannons improved in accuracy and range thanks to things like rifling of barrels and better optics. The children reflected on how the immense loss of life in World Wars and took a moment to pause at the madness of it all.
This visit has let the children appreciate the sacrifices made by those who served in the wars. The children now look at poppies with appreciation and also pride in key British values.
The children have been learning about local soldiers who did not survive until the end of the war but died just before the end of hostilities. The soldiers trained at Pendennis Castle and this suddenly brought home how the war affected everyone. Year 6 read tributes from the families to their loved ones who didn't return and this brought the inhumanity of war into sharp focus. All the children spoke about how this was such a useful, and informative, learning experience.

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