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Personal, Social and Health Education incl. Sex Education

Personal, Social and Health education is an important theme running through all areas of the curriculum, and while it is most likely to de discussed in lessons such as physical education or science, we aim to discuss issues relating to a healthy lifestyle with the children whenever appropriate.  These sessions will also focus on emotional health and well-being.

Through our curricular themes the subjects of birth, growth and change are approached as they arise in science, humanities, health education and religious education.  Teaching takes place in a proper context with due regard to the child's stage of development.  We aim to present facts in an objective, balanced and sensitive manner.


Sex and Relationships Education

The programme for Sex and Relationships Education forms an important element of the Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education programme.
It is carefully integrated to form part of the work on Growing and Changing, and develops from an understanding of families, growth from baby to child to adult, and the different stages in a person’s life, to understanding the physical and emotional changes that take place during puberty.  Most importantly, it focuses on the importance of trusting, caring relationships where respect and the rights of the individual form the basis of all healthy relationships.
We are fortunate to work closely with a qualified, practising nurse who contributes to the planning and delivery of the Sex and Relationships programme.
Parents/guardians are welcome to discuss this programme more fully, and should contact the school for further information if required. Legally, parents/guardians are also permitted to withdraw their child(ren) from these lessons, though again we do urge parents to discuss this with the school prior to doing so.