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Remote Education

Remote Education with Indian Queens School and Indian Queens Nursery

Our remote learning offer is accessed via Tapestry for children in Nursery and Reception and Google Classroom for Years 1 to 6.  The designated leader responsible for the quality and monitoring of home learning provision is Tamsin Harris (Deputy Head). 

Our remote learning will mirror provision for those children in school as much as is possible.

Our online learning allows school staff to interact with your child, mark their learning, as well as set appropriate next steps and address any misconceptions.

Learning is set each day, with activities to complete that day.  We appreciate that some of you may need to juggle your own work commitments, as well as several children’s home learning.  However, there is an expectation for home learning to be completed by Friday at 4.00pm for that week.  If it is completed over the weekend, it may not be acknowledged for a few days.

Similarly, adults within school continue to teach face to face in school through the day, which may mean that they respond to learning at unusual times, and are not usually immediately available. Please bear this in mind should any notifications be active on your devices.


Our Remote Learning Offer

This is the minimum that teachers will be setting in the eclassrooms:

EYFS and KS1 - three hours of learning daily

KS2 - four hours of learning daily

In addition to this: 

  •  We aim to hold Google Meets with children from all classes from Years 1-6. Dates and times will be arranged in due course. This is an online meeting where learning will be celebrated and a time to say hello and see friends from within the classroom and at home.
  • Children in Reception and Nursery will receive well being phone calls from class teachers to check the provision and well being of these children. 

Even though your child will be learning from home, this does not mean you are alone.  We are always available if needed.  Please phone us on 01726 860540 or email for help and assistance. 

As you can see from the above, our remote learning is substantial and the adults within school take a lot of time preparing appropriate resources as well as teaching face to face in school for those who need a place.

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