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Year 2 - Victorian Day

As part of our topic "Who lives in a house like this?", Shoshone and Algonquin classes took part in a Victorian school day. They dressed up in their finest Victorian outfits and had to sit in rows for learning, with very strict teachers! They were given Victorian-era names and practised our very serious faces for our class photos. 
Throughout the morning, the children learned to sew running stitches, bake mini Victorian sponges, make cup and ball games, draw miniature portraits of themselves, and write a Victorian poem in their best handwriting. When they went out for learning break, the boys and girls had to line up separately and play in different parts of the playground.  
In the afternoon, the children took part in drills - which were not as fun or interesting as the PE lessons they normally have in school. They learned Victorian songs and, finally, got to eat their Victoria sponges.
Although they had a lot of fun throughout the day, and learned lots, the children decided that Victorian school was not as good as present day school.

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