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Year 6 Camp

7th June 2019

This year we ventured off to Delaware Outdoor Education Centre for our residential camp. Camps are really useful learning opportunities where we don't only challenge ourselves with adventurous activities but also learn to live together and help each other out.
The only activity we couldn't get pictures of was the gorge walking where we all had to wear wetsuits and helmets to clamber over rapids in a local river. We had fun making our way through waterfalls and even front flipping into plunge pools.
Climbing indoors on vertical, traversing and slab walls. Most of the children were nervous at first but soon overcame their fear and reached the top. Some were even brave enough to try the fearsome 'Boulder' which was a huge overhang with a safety mat underneath. The children would like to thank the instructors Paul, Will, Chris and Dave for their excellent guidance.
Canoeing on Kit Hill in Canadian canoes. The children worked in teams during games where they learnt how to steer and control the canoe. A few even took a closer look at the tadpoles by jumping in!
Archery at the centre consisted of trying to hit traditional targets before Will challenged the children to hit tricky targets at different ranges on the field.
Camp is more than about amazing outdoor adventures - it's about learning to live together and muck in with everyday tasks. The dorms took it in turns to wash up and tidy the communal spaces. In the evenings we played lots of sports on the field and chilled out with our friends.