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Year 6 Virtual Celebration Kiowa

This page is a collection of memories from Year 6. They have selected poignant, memorable or amusing memories to share as a celebration of their time at school.

A few years ago, I remember being chosen, along with some of my friends, to represent the school at the Kingfisher Award. When I heard the news, I felt like jumping up and down in excitement! After school, I recall traveling to the Working Men’s Club and helping to set up the information board.

When the event began, we all had a go at making some butter by shaking whipped cream around in a glass jar; it was hard work! After that, we prepared the home-made food, such as cheese twists and scones, as the judges began to inspect the other entries. They eventually walked over to our stall (which made me extremely nervous) and wrote a note onto their clipboard.

It turned out that Indian Queens Primary School came first (inside I swelled up with pride). I learnt that day that anything is possible if we work hard to reach it!



I remember my first day in Reception; at first, I didn’t want to leave my Mum, but my teacher convinced me to stay by tempting me with finger painting! By the time my Mum left I was having great fun painting with my new class and I did not want to leave at the end of the day! That is when I learned it’s good to try going to new places and do new things.



One memory I am fond of is when Lilly, Zac and I performed a play for the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company). It was nerve-wracking and took a lot of practise (this was in year 6). There was a little bit of panic sorting out who was doing what before the performance, but the team ended up doing it and we got filmed at Porth beach – even though it took a several takes! I wish I could do it again with all my friends that I’ve made at Indian Queens School.



I will always remember all the fun we’ve had this year and all the good times I’ve had at the school. However, I am also looking forward to secondary school. I'm really going to miss all the lessons and I’m going to miss this fantastic school lots.

One memory that makes me smile is that I remember I once got buried in the sand pit in Reception class and all my friends and teachers had to dig me out with all the little kiddy spades! I must have been having a very fun day as I couldn’t stop laughing. I will miss year 6 and I will visit again in the future.



One memory that I remember clearly was from year 2; my friend and I both played ‘Hump the Camel’ for our Christmas play. It was so much fun learning our lines and the songs - as most of our lines were just saying ‘Hump!’ Before we were out on the stage, I remember getting butterflies in my stomach and my friend hugged me before we went on stage which made me feel better. Once the first song played, my friend and I hopped on the stage and had a great time. We worked really hard learning all the lines, songs and moves and we all felt proud. 

The memories and the people I'm leaving from Indian Queens School I will never forget.

I also remember going to the Kingfisher Award in year 4. We had a go at making butter (which took a long time) and going apple bobbing which got my school summer dress wet. We all had so much fun doing all sorts of things. I remember trying to sculpt a dinosaur and my friend making lots of nature things like flowers and squirrels. After that we had ‘Port and Starboard’ (I had cod bites and chips) which were delicious. Not too long after, we showed the judges all our hard work - our facts and our food - we made cheese twists and scones they tasted amazing. Whilst we waited for the results we played, it was a good day. Then at the end of the day we ended up by being awarded first place!!! It was so much fun.

Finally, in year 4 I remember hopping on a bus to Nine Ashes camp. I sat next to my friend and we had a great time. One of my favourite activities was abseiling and crate stacking as well as going down the zip line with my friends. After we finished the activities for the day, we went to the park and played lots of games. Before we went to bed, we had hot chocolate. It was amazing. I slept on the top bunk and my friend next to me on the other one. We all had an amazing time.



When I was in Minpins (a long time ago now) I remember all of the things we could do that I found insanely fun: sitting on the rainbow carpet listening to stories, going round the building in the toy cars and giving instructions to my crew on the wooden pirate ship – if my friends disobeyed we all pretended we had to walk the plank! It’s been a blast at this school.

I hope to see my children having the same experiences that I’ve had at this school in the future.



An amazing memory of mine is when I went swimming in Y3 and went under water for the first time – it wasn’t as bad as I thought! I remember I then got really confident in the pool and kept going under water. I remember my friend and I trying to get all the toys from the bottom of the pool that my teacher threw. My friend and I almost collected them all. The teacher was so nice and would always help me if I needed it. 

I will also always remember the dragon attack in Y4 in our classroom. It was so fun with books 

hanging from the roof and the tables being upside down. My last memory is when I went camping and had lots of fun roasting marshmallows. The food was so nice.

Thank you Indian Queens School for all my memories.



In Year 3, I remember going on a school trip to Nine Ashes and in the evenings, we would have snacks and hot chocolate with fire-baked, gooey marshmallows. We would tell stories and laugh around the campfire – it was great fun. It was kind of cold when you strayed from the fire, that’s why I stayed close.

During the day, we would do exciting activities like tunnel crawling, where we would crawl around an underground tunnel with 3 entrances and exits. The game was to try to find a packet of Haribo in the pitch dark, we had to crawl out of the tunnel unnoticed by fellow tunnel-crawlers, and reach the surface, still tightly grasping the packet of Haribo to win. People would have to listen carefully and when someone actually found the Haribo they were alerted by the crackling of the plastic and then everyone would try to work out who had the pack. I won a bag once and managed to keep it a secret… the feeling of winning and getting to eat it all was pretty awesome, I have to admit.

I appreciate having had opportunities to push myself and try new things.



By far my favourite memory is from when I was in year five. I was really passionate about the environment (still am to this day) and I made an assembly on the subject! I loved it, we had narrators for the people acting - it was incredible! Everyone had a chance to act, some didn’t want to though and they became the narrators. My sister and I (who was doing lots of stuff about the environment at the time) helped me with the script. It looked great! We designed the script so we could act out scenarios about air pollution and deforestation and the key elements of climate change. Sadly, when it came to the day the Powerpoint didn’t work but regardless it was great. It inspired me more than anything to become an actor which I still want to do. 

Year 6 was the best year. My teacher noticed that I wanted to be an actor and volunteered me to go to a secondary school (Treviglas) to perform in the Royal Shakespeare Academy. It was SO much fun! On the first day no one knew what was going to happen but we were all excited about it! That day we learnt our lines and most of are choreography, it was so much fun! The next day we finished our choreography and had our voices recorded; we then we walked all the way to Porth beach and recorded are choreography. That day made me so much more confident and it proves that my dreams can come true! 

I remember in year 3, during Take the Stage, the last one, the teachers said the music box was broken and we’ll just do jokes until it was fixed. Little did we know they were lying! A few minutes later, all the teachers were standing around it and then music started. They all started dancing! We were all laughing our heads off - I still do when I think about it. I’ll always remember that moment! I will always remember Indian Queens School too because it taught me how to make friends and loads of other skills.



One memory that is particularly amusing to me is from year 4 when we went on a school trip to the Royal Cornwall Show Ground and had a great time. There were lots of fun activities like (crimping fake pasties and making eggy bread) it was super, and I will remember this forever. I will remember all the teachers and teaching assistants that have helped me from 2013 to 2021. I will never forget Indian Queens Primary School.



One memory I will never forget was from back in year 2. My friend and I had a nice teacher who sometimes did funny jokes. Once our teacher told us to never smile in school (as a joke) so we couldn’t help but smile every time we saw him. Even when we were older, we would smile on the way to lunch whenever we saw him. Once my friend and I did the joke back and told him not to smile, he laughed and always smiles when we see him. I will always remember the kindness of all the staff.



One memory that particularly amuses me is from year 3 camp. I remember we came into school with our bags and suitcases, we said bye to our parents and waited for the bus - we were so excited. We drove past most of our houses on the way to camp. We got there after twenty-five minutes or so.

We got off the bus and we helped each other carry all the bags. The girls went in the dorms and the boys went to the cabin outside; my dorm had four girls. There were three bunk beds with me on the top.

We did lots of new activities at camp like performing in ‘Camps got Talent’ where we could sing dance or do jokes and we played extra fun games for hours into the evenings. I wish I could go back there and do the same thing again one day.

                I will never forget Indian Queens School.



I remember in 2015 I joined Indian Queens School and on the first day I met two boys, who were twins, and they became my first friends. We were so shy we said nothing all day until we got home and then I couldn’t stop talking about my new friends. I will always remember the friends I’ve made at school.



I remember in year 3, we would go swimming every week. I remember before we got in one of the teachers would do stretches and we had to copy. When we got into the pool, we would try to swim to the other side so they could put us in groups. The best swimmers went to the deepest part of the pool - I remember getting put in this group. One of the other teachers said for the top group to do a swimming race. The swimming teacher knew I was fast, “3..2..1”  the others started to swim then he let me go. I started swimming then....I WON.

Another time when we went swimming, I accidentally took my P.E. bag as my P.E bag and swimming bag were the same colour. Luckily, I got to wear a spare swimming costume. I remember going home and telling my mum and she started laughing. Then we went to the shop and got a different colour swim bag. This school has taught me a lot of things that made me who I am now.      

I remember in year 4 that there was a pretend dragon attack in the classroom. Everything was messed up in the class; there were warning signs everywhere. It looked like burn marks on the walls and tables. We had to go into the other classroom but when we went back into our classroom everyone started laughing as they realised it was just a way for us to write about what happened. This has taught me how to see the funny side of life.


One day in year 4 my teacher set up a wow moment for us. I had to go into the other class and another teacher had to come and interview us about what we saw - I suggested it was a dragon attack because we were learning about dragons at the time. I remember there was caution tape on the door. My hands were very shaky at first because I thought it was real but then we had to go in one by one to get our P.E kits - it turned out it was all just pretend. After P.E the classroom was back to normal. I appreciate all the special events the school has provided for me and my friends.



In year 4 I remember being able to do Take the Stage for the first ever time; at first, I was a bit nervous but all my friends pushed me to do my best! We all did a dance to my favourite song at the time (Shotgun)! This made me feel confident to do anything and how to control feeling nervous!

Another memory I remember is the time the school won the greatest award ever (the Kingfisher Award). It was amazing because we all got to have fish and chips! I remember we all got really excited as we got closer to the apple bobbing. I will never forget this memory for all the great things that have happened at IQ School!

Finally, I remember in year 5 there was a massive stick insect above my teacher’s head; everyone screamed and laughed at the same time! Luckily, our caretaker came and put it outside. I then learnt a lot about stick insects that day! This is a memory I will never forget!



One memory that is particularly happy for me is from when I was in Year 2 which was 4 years ago. I remember I became friends with someone in the class who was very funny. He has been a very good friend since then because we always hang out together for lunch and my friend and I like playing together. I will never forget all the good times I’ve had at Indian Queens School.



One memory I will always remember is when I went to the Royal Cornwall Showground in year 4. My friend and I were in the same group and we stayed together the whole time. The first part was looking at the incubator - there were about 8 eggs in there. After that, we went to see the chickens and turkeys - the turkeys were just making noises like gobble, gobble and squawk. This made me laugh. Next, we went to make eggy bread, it was so fun - we even added cinnamon. We went to check on the incubator and to my surprise there was a baby chick - it was so cute! We got onto the enormous bus and went back to school to be picked up by our parents. This was my best school trip at primary school as I learnt so much about farming :)



I remember when we went on a school trip to Newquay Zoo. I had been there a couple times before but I was still excited. Everyone was so excited as we walked down the path, looking and learning about the animals. I spotted some peacocks running loose around the zoo, one of them was bright blue and kept jumping on the staff only huts. Then we went to see the meerkats. A worker told us lots of interesting facts and gave us some crickets to feed them. It was entertaining and funny, funny because the meerkats were just constantly trying to catch the crickets. We also saw some adorable baby otters sleeping in a hut, it was really cute. It was really fun and I learnt a lot from all the visits I’ve been on. 



When I was in year 4, I remember going to Newquay Zoo; I was really nervous to go because I didn't know if I would be with my best friend or not. I was waiting, waiting nervously, but luckily we were in the same group. We went round with our teacher and we saw animals - cute animals including penguins. We stayed there for around 30 minutes, even though I was meant to only stay there for 10 minutes. It was so fun! This was the best memory in year 4! I plan to go back there in the future and remember all the good times we had there! :)  

On the day I got my pen license in year 6, I was so proud of myself; I can't explain how proud I felt. Thanks to my teacher for helping me and telling me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. I am still proud today of how I achieved it, I will never forget this memory :)

On my first day of school, I was excited but at the same time I was feeling nervous like I just wanted to go home. I cried when my mum and dad left. Luckily, the teachers were able to calm me down and on that day I had so much fun; I will never forget any of my teachers! :)



One memory that I will remember forever was at camp in year 4. My best friend and I were so excited as we got on the bus. All of us were talking non-stop. When we arrived, all of us went to the hall and the director told us about the camp rules. We got into our rooms and settled in.

       We had lunch and did our first activity! After that, we had dinner (roast chicken) and dessert (apple crumble) it was delicious! We got our pyjamas on and had a talent show. The next day, after breakfast, we did crate stacking. I was excited, excited because it looked so fun. While having dinner that evening, I was thinking about all the memories I was going to remember. The adults surprised us with a huge table of all the sweets and treats that everyone brought. It was so delicious!

          Everyone was sad that we had to go home as the camp had been so fun. These few days were the best days of my life and I will never forget it.

       I will always remember Indian Queens School because I made most of my friends there and I appreciate all the things I have learnt.



I remember in year two I sat next to a girl who I didn’t really know, but over time we have become the best of friends. In year four my class moved into the sports hall because our classroom was getting renovated. I have valued Indian Queens School because it taught me things that I can’t learn at home - like being kind and how to make friends. I will miss Indian Queens School and all the teachers.



When l was in year 4 l remember going to Newquay Zoo. l’d never been before but learnt a lot about animals. Just before we went home, we got an ice cream which was delicious.

In Y6 we had a Mexican day where we made flatbread and salsa then we got to eat it in the afternoon. I learnt a lot about Mexico that day.



One memory that is particularly important to me is from year 3 when my best friend and I did Take the Stage. It was kind of embarrassing at first, but we thought we were going to be the best. I remember that we practised every day for ten minutes then we would have our favourite dinner: chicken nuggets, potato waffles and spaghetti hoops. On the day I remember I was running late as I accidentally put on the wrong dress but luckily my friend didn’t mind when Mr Edie called up our names. I started to worry on stage because I only knew the first part but she whispered and said “Copy me,” so I started to copy her but then I realised that we were dancing to our favourite song called Space Between and all the moves came back to me, I wish we could do that again. 



A memory I found amusing was from year 1, I was playing with the playdough and I went to get the blue scissors because the red scissors I had been handed wouldn’t cut. I got up and got the blue scissors and, for some reason, I cut my hair by mistake instead of the playdough! When the teachers found a cutting of hair, they went around the class putting the hair against our heads to see whose it was. When they got to me, they found a match. I had learnt to never do it again and to take care when using scissors. I will miss all the people who have helped me at Indian Queens School. 



In year 5 I particularly remember when the class all had to move up to the sports hall because our classroom was being painted. It felt much more spacious. It was like a replica of our class just in the sports hall. It felt really weird at first but I got used to it pretty quickly. It was also strange because in the morning we had to walk into the sports hall and not the class – it was easy to forget. For P.E we just had to walk a few steps and we were there. I remember this mainly because it was such a big change. Every time I stroll into the P.E hall I always remember that day it became our class.

In year 2 I remember meeting my first friend. He is still probably the best friend I’ve ever had. We have been in every class together apart from year 3. I don't think we have ever had an argument. I will miss all the friends I have made at Indian Queens School:)



One memory that was particularly meaningful to me was a trip to Lanhydrock with my teacher - Mr Stevenson - and the rest of my class and friends. We played in a field, ate out snacks, went fishing for tadpoles and visited the old house, we went for a walk then went back to Indian Queens School where we were picked up by our parents. I’ll always remember it as it was such a fun day.



In year 5 I will never forget the time that my teacher used to have to give me extra maths because I used to finish so quickly. Once I even finished 4 sheets (12 questions) in 3 minutes! I even got them all right; I was very proud and felt happy that I'd achieved this. The next day I remember walking into the classroom and seeing that the first lesson of the day was maths. When maths finally started I remember that I was told to go up to the front of the class and teach everyone fractions! Fractions aren’t my strong point as much now but I am still very proud that I did it! It was scary teaching 30 kids at first but soon I got used to it: the funny thing was that I couldn't reach the arrow at the top of the board to go onto the next slide so I had to get my teacher to change all the slides over! I will never forget this memory as I felt so proud.



In Year 4, I remember visiting the Newquay Zoo. I had never been there before and I was SO excited. We all gathered around and the teacher who told us where to go during the visit. At first, we went to see some of the reptiles. I remember it was a cold day so I was wrapped up and squashed in a scarf and wooly hat and gloves. I remember seeing the lions and their area where they played and messed around. My FAVOURITE part of the trip was when we saw the PENGUINS (my favourite animal). They were so cute because of how they swam and waddled along with their little feet. I couldn’t stop looking and I had to get dragged away by my friends in the end.

“Ben, we are moving on now!”  I was sad when we had to leave but I will never forget this amazing trip; it was one of the best trips ever :)



In year 4 one of my friends and I did ‘Take the Stage’. We wrote a script for it but we both lost them at the last minute. We both remembered the first half of it but after we finished the first half we went rogue - everyone laughed. I began to cry with laughter but no-one noticed. I remember going home in a good mood that day. I’m still glad I did ‘Take the Stage’ with him because halfway through year 6 he moved school and house. This is one memory I will never forget about him.

I can remember in year 6 we pretended to be in World War 2 and we made fake gas masks and telescopes to make it feel more realistic. On the day we did it we moved all the tables into the shape of trenches and covered them with tarpaulins. If we poked our heads above, we would be told to lay down and pretend to be dead. This is another memory that will stick with me forever as I learnt a lot about how awful war is.

I have valued my time at Indian Queens Primary School because I have made lots of friends and I have learnt how to share. I hope other children enjoy their time there while they can.



I will always remember the friends I’ve made at Indian Queens School and I’ve enjoyed all the special Wow Moments like shelter building, making Mayan food and pretending to be in WW1. Thank you everyone.


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