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Year 6 Virtual Celebration Paiute

This page is a collection of memories from Year 6. They have selected poignant, memorable or amusing memories to share as a celebration of their time at school.

What a day! I remember once in year 3 we were going on a trip to the Eden Project. I'd never been, so of course I was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. Everyone was talking about how amazing it was. It was like everyone had been before except for me! One of the reasons I was nervous was because someone told me that there are cows on the top of the building, and that there are birds and all sorts in the domes. As I was only young, I thought those things were true - they weren't by the way.

On the day of the trip, I woke up not wanting to go but I ended up going anyway. When I got to school everyone was rushing around trying to get ready for the trip: finishing registers, packing lunches and we went through a lot of rules!

Then we got on the bus. I was really nervous, everyone was talking about how much fun it was going to be so I just laughed along but really my heart was pounding and my insides were melting. When we got there, you could see the HUGE sphere domes covered in little hexagons, there was a big one, a small and a medium one but they were all still huge!! I really didn't want to go in but I stood my ground and wasn't going to let some silly rumours get the better of me so we went in. I’m glad I did because I had so much fun, there were no cows but I loved it and everything about that day was amazing. I will never forget it!!! :)



One of my favourite memories was the zoo school trip because we saw monkeys and I love monkeys. I also liked Sports Day 2021 because I won all the races. I was really relieved because it was my last sports day in this school. Also I liked swimming lessons because I loved the feeling of being under water. I never forgot my goggles, which was a good thing and helped me become a good swimmer.

I remember in year 2 it was near the end of the year and we watched a movie in the Victory Hall; I remember watching The Secret Life of Pets. We always had a pot of ice-cream to eat while we watched the movie. It was usually vanilla flavour, I will never forget these memories.



I never thought in a million years that I would get the gold medal! The year 2021, Year 6, the DAY, Sports Day! I got into the one and only blue team. I put my game face on for the first race; the obstacle race. I was feeling so nervous, I didn’t want to let my team down. READY! SET! GOOO!

When the exhausting race was over, I was already sweaty. Soon came the last race: LONG DISTANCE! I knew I could do it in my head but I also knew that it was two long laps and a bit. “READY! SET! GOO!” Mr Harding shouted again. I did a light run at first (so I didn’t get too tired,) then for the last push I sprinted like I had never sprinted before. I think I came in 6th place which I knew was really good.

The next day, we waited and waited to hear Mr Bicknell announce the winner! Mr Bicknell called the blue team outside for a picture. Just when Mr Harding was about to press the button, Mr Bicknell said we were missing something (we were all so confused) “THE MEDALS AND THE TROPHY!” Mr Bicknell announced. Everyone screamed; we were all in a state of bliss. My heart was beating so fast! I’ve never had such a big smile on my face. We probably took the best picture ever - our smiles were the biggest. We could have never done this without the determination or without Mr Smith’s support and sense of humour! I will never forget this day! 



In year 2, I remember my favourite sports day. I’d never ran in the obstacle race before! I felt quite nervous, I was shaking on the morning of the day; I walked in holding my best friends' hand - they were twins. We spent 20 minutes exploring the track - it was time. I lined up smiling at my mum and dad. “Go on Ella,you can do this!” Dad exclaimed, 

“3,2,1...GO!” Mr Bicknall shouted. I ran like I never had before. Balance on a beam, ball between your legs, waddle, then sprint, sprint as fast as you can. I won. I put my all into that day and I’ll never forget it.



When I was in year 6, I remember sports day. I was really skittish and scared at first but it was ok when I got used to it. My last sports races that I signed up for were the obstacle and sprint. We started with the obstacle. I think I came 5th! Now it was a bean bag relay: we got 120 points. Next was the long jump. It was hard at first but it got easier once I got going. Then it was a netball shootout; we got loads of points! Then there was egg and spoon, football dribble, cricket throw, relay and finally shot put. Then once the middle-distance race was over along with the sprint and obstacle, my friend and I - who were on the same team - decided to run the long distance race together! We waited at the starting line, prepared and ready. “Go!” Olivia and I paced ourselves and eventually we crossed the finish line together!



This year would be my last sports day, we were looking at the teams, I felt confident. I was in the blue team. I thought that I would win my last sports day. While we were lining up for the first race my legs were shaking - I was incredibly nervous. ‘Go!’ I ran. Unfortunately, I came 4th in the obstacle race. Next up was sprint, we all watched year 5 boys and girls run then it was year 6 girls. Shortly after they raced it was the year 6 boys. I was not as nervous this time. ‘Go!’ Everyone ran. This time I came 5th. After that, it was middle distance, once again year 5 girls and boys ran. After they had finished the year 6 girls ran. Then, it was year 6 boys. ‘Go!’ I ran and I ran. I was very pleased when I came 3rd. After a few minutes, it was long distance. I came in 5th place. Some people thought we would lose; others thought we would win. But all of a sudden, when the team results were read out…. We had won! We got pulled out of class. I was so happy. It was my last sports day and I had won it. This was definitely my most memorable sports day and I will never forget it.



One of my favourite memories was from Y6, I will always remember my team winning first place on Sports Day 2021! First, obstacle race: 3, 2, 1, GO! I weaved through the poles, walked over beams, crawled under a net, put bean bags in a bucket, another net to crawl under, and then a sprint to the finish line! And I came...last. I was disappointed. But I didn't care if I lost!

Then came my favourite race: the sprint race! I stood at the start line, ready to sprint as fast as I could. 3...2...1…GO! I sprinted as quickly as I could, and I came...2nd to last. But, still, I didn't come last (for once).

We did field activities, watched middle and long-distance races and that was the end of sports day! The next day, we sat nervously at our desks, wondering whose team won. Suddenly, Mr Bicknell appeared at the door and asked for the Blue team first. So we lined up on the grass, but he said we had forgotten something.


We erupted into cheers as loud as volcanoes, we were so happy! We were then given the medals. It was the first ever sports day medal I had ever won! I definitely won’t forget it.



When I was in year four I remember going to an hour’s worth of swimming every week; I was nervous because I’d never been with my classmates (it was exciting as well!) As soon as we changed we would head out past the showers and onto the slippery floor: which made me shake as it was cold. I was a little worried about going into the glimmering, blue tiled pool. However, once I was in the water I felt much more confident.

On one occasion, I remember swimming in the shallow end. I was so determined I tried to get better at staying head above the water to improve my swimming and get from one side of the pool to the other without stopping. On the last day of swimming, we had to swim 25m (two times back and forth) to see if we’d improved our swimming. I was a bit worried. Everyone would be watching me do it.

I did it! I was very proud of myself.

After everyone had done it, we had a ‘fun day’ with pool toys and I made it into the middle depth area for the first time! This school has taught me many important things.



My favourite memory in year 6 was sports day, I found it really exciting and had loads of fun. Even though my team didn’t win, I had lots of exercise and a great time. At first, I was really nervous and a bit scared, but it all turned out well.  

I still remember the first swimming lesson I had in Year 3. I was excited, but nervous at the same time. I got changed and stepped out to see the pool, I was still excited, but my body wasn’t - I felt a bit sick half-way through but it went away. When we were doing the warm-up I remember my body being really shaky but it all went away when I touched the water. I appreciate all the important skills that I’ve learned at IQ School.



When I was in year 2, I remember visiting Nine Ashes; I’d never been before and felt quite nervous on the morning of the visit. We took teddy bears for a picnic, I had lots of teddies so it was very hard to pick just one. I ended up with one of my favourites: Barney. He was a brown fluffy teddy with dark brown eyes and his paws were beige. We were all sitting on a big blanket and it was very funny because we were trying to feed them. Not only was it my best memory I am pretty sure it was Barney's too!



In year 4, I remember that some of my friends and me went swimming. It was my first time going swimming with the school. I remember being really nervous when I got on the bus. But when we walked in, I grabbed on to my swimming suit and walked in with my friend. We didn’t know how to swim that well, so we had to start in the shallow end. We had to start by kicking our legs and moving our arms around and around. I was getting the hang of it and so were my friends.

After a few weeks we managed to swim 25 meters; I was so happy because my friends all managed it too. It took at least 3 weeks to get the hang of it and we only had 8 weeks to achieve 25m. When we actually made it we got to go to the deep end then...we had to prove that we could swim without touching the bottom. I was confident, so were my friends. I was up. I held the wall then swam. I felt really proud of myself.



I remember Key Stage 2 Sports Days in year 3,4 and 6. For each sports day I ran every race! I remember standing at the starting line, it was really intense. I won the obstacle race twice and came first in following races, then came second on all the rest (I was so happy!) I managed to win a trophy and a first place medal as well; I was so proud of myself. Then I did the same in year 4 but got a second place medal, from then on I was so confident with every sports day. 

Year 5 sports day was sadly cancelled due to Covid 19 but in year 6 I was in the blue team who won. We won our last sports day at Indian Queens Primary School. I will never forget those days! 



One memory that is special to me is from when I was in Reception. We were doing sports day; I was nervous, shaking even. We were running the obstacle race - ready, steady GO!! I was off and running. I was running back and forth putting small bean bags into a bucket and it was my last go and my shoe fell off! I didn’t know what to do - to go back to my shoe or keep going!

We had to sprint and this other girl was in the lead. I started to give up but I refused to. I kept going. The other girl started to tire so I ran my best and I won. I could barely breathe and my body felt like jelly. I was buzzing at the end. I’’d learnt never to give up.



In year 6 my favourite memory is the shelters that we built in the Far Away Forest. We used big tarps to make a roof for the shelters and we tied them to the trees with rope. Mr Smith then came round to pour water on our shelter to test if it could maintain the weight of the water. Luckily, ours did, the group and I were amazed. Then we made seats out of chopped up logs and at the end of the day we took down the shelter. That was one of the most fun days at primary school.



When I was in year five, I went to the zoo. I was a little scared that the lions were going to break the glass. I felt so nervous my legs were trembling and my hand were shaking every time the lions roared. That day I realised how to overcome my fears.



My most memorable moment of year 6 was the sports day. I had qualified for the final and I was shaking. The reason I was shaking was because I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of all the year 5 and 6s. I didn’t want to come last. I was determined not to lose. I came 3rd out of the finalists and it was an unbelievable moment. Then the next day we received the message that our team won gold. The only reason I was able to win was because of my amazing team with their perseverance and confidence. 



My most memorable memory from year 5 is the time we went to the zoo. As soon as I got on the bus I couldn’t contain my excitement. The journey felt long, maybe my excitement made it feel long. We saw zebras, tortoises, monkeys, penguins and best of all - lions. Terrified but amazed, I froze when I saw the lions.

Then the lockdown came - that was my worst memory. It was long and boring after months year 6 came back together.

In year 6 my most memorable moment is when we made tortillas. When I was making them, I couldn’t wait until I could take a bite out of it. Making it was fun and exciting too.

Another moment that was memorable in year 6 was sports day. When I was practising, I felt confident about it. Then sports day came - as I was on the starting line, I felt worried that I wouldn’t do well but I did. I ran and ran until I made it to the finishing line. Also in the long distance, I did the same, I ran and ran but at halfway I felt tired - but I kept going and made it. I’d learnt the importance of keeping going to the end.



My best memory is when I made my first friend - and then making more. It was fun playing with them and it was better than being alone. Since then, I have made many more friends.

Another memory is when I went to the farm and fed a lamb. Then we had lunch next to the lambs on a haybale. I can remember feeding it milk, the lambs looked like they had brown or black skin. When they were drinking the milk it was like watching the fastest drinker on earth. That was the closest I’ve ever been to a lamb.

A final memory I remember is swimming lessons. I was so scared at first, I held my clothes tight, we had to get changed but I refused to do it as I’d never been before. I was feeling anxious so I talked to the teacher and they helped me to build up my confidence. In the end it was a good memory and it was lots of fun.



One of my favourite memories of my whole time in Indian Queens comes from year 4. It was playing for the school in a football tournament. I remember I sat nervously on the bus travelling there - butterflies were in my stomach. I wanted to play well and not let the school down. We arrived in the boiling heat; everybody was nervous with the first game rapidly approaching. I walked on to the pitch for our first game with sweat dripping down my head. We drew that game 1-1 against a very good team. The next two games we won with ease 4-0 and 6-1 with me getting 3 goals and 2 assists. We managed to reach the quarter finals and we felt confident that we could go through. In the final few minutes of the game it was 1-1 and we got a chance. I heard the noise of the back of the net and we went through – just - winning 2-1. The semi-final was against the favourites of the tournament. The whistle blew and we were underway. We were defending very well and managed to stay at 0-0 till the final kick of the game. Sadly, we lost 1-0 conceding very late on. We had a great tournament and it was a great team. I will never forget that memory.  



One of my favourite memories is when my class and I visited the zoo. One thing I learnt was that monkeys can't have bananas because they contain too much sugar and it could make them go hyperactive and make them ill. I learnt monkeys usually tend to eat nuts, fruits, seeds and flowers. Some monkeys also eat meat in the form of bird’s eggs, small lizards, insects and spiders. So yeah, I learnt a lot about monkeys that day.

My other memory was when we did sports day in 2017. When I was getting ready for sports day Mrs Roberts said “Are you ready?” So I was in the first lane and she said “On your marks, get set, go!” I sprinted my fastest. Brody and I were in the lead, he came first and I came second. I was so proud of myself.



When I was in year 2, I remember visiting the farm. As we were getting on our colossal double decker bus, I felt apprehensive - what if an animal chased me around? But when my best friend joined the bus and sat down next to me, I felt much better - we were singing, drawing in her pink fluffy notebook and playing noughts and crosses. We finally arrived, the bus was blazing hot. Jumping up and down we were so excited! The first activity was feeding lambs (they were my favourite animal at the time). As I was feeding the lamb, it leaned into me (it was so fluffy like candy floss).

After lunch, we had our tractor ride. We had to go and rescue a lamb (who got its head stuck in the fence). Then we had a surprise: I wondered what it was going to be? We climbed up into a tree house. Inside was amazing, there were swings, slides and flashing disco lights - we got to play in there for the rest of the afternoon. It was so fun! I will never forget this day it was the best trip ever.



My favourite memory from primary school was from during a ‘Take the Stage’ when all the teachers got up and started dancing! It was hilarious.

I also remember when we went to the Eden Project. The best activity was when we went on a scavenger hunt for ingredients for a cake - it was really yummy.

In fact, I will remember lots of things about primary school: in Y2 we got to go to a barn and had a ride on a tractor and trailer; in YR1 we made a Star Wars character for the special lunch; I liked in Y3 that we got to go to the National Maritime Museum and in Y6 we made our own Mexican tortillas and got to eat them with nachos and salsa – it was delicious. I’ve had lots of opportunities to do fun things at the school.



I will never forget my first swimming lesson in Y3. We had arrived and were waiting in lines to be sent to the changing rooms. I held onto my swimming costume tightly, refusing to get changed as I was so nervous. In the end and after I saw how everyone else was excited to be going swimming, I decided to get changed and join in with the others. When I got in the pool I was scared to try and swim in case I’d got laughed at but everyone was so supportive. After a while I realised it wasn’t so bad after all and started swimming. I did it! I was so proud of myself. I will never forget that day.



I remember when I felt excited because I was told my nursery friends were going to reception with me. I was nervous to go to school but then I remembered my friends were going to school as well. On my first day of reception, I walked through the school gates after saying goodbye to my mum. I nervously walked into the reception class (which is a year 1 class now) holding my bag tightly. I will never forget that day because of how grown-up I felt.



One of the most memorable moments of primary school was when we went to camp in Year 3. There were tunnels underground and we needed to find the prizes: Haribo! We also did archery and tried to hit the targets. I remember all of the staff and those adults that helped us: Nikki and Roger. It was a really memorable residential.


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