Cross country race on Tuesday for Y5 and Y6. Netball tournament on Wednesday Y5/6. Swimming for Y3 children on Thursday. Guitar and woodwind lessons on Wednesday. Y6 Science session on Friday. Admissions 2020-21 waiting list consultation now live - click on pale blue 'Admissions' box below.

School Dinners

Children may eat either a school meal (a hot meal or a cold packed lunch meal) purchased at school, or bring their own packed (healthy) lunch. The school operates a cash cafeteria system providing choice as well as a focus on healthy, balanced food. Meals are prepared on site and staff work hard to ensure that children’s likes and dislikes are taken into account – let us know if your child has specific needs (within reason!) regarding their diet.
All children eat in the hall and ‘school dinner children’ and ‘packed lunch children’ all sit together, so that as far as possible, children may enjoy their lunch with their classmates and friends. Children should bring in dinner money in a labelled purse.
We do encourage parents to apply for free school meals if eligible (ask at the office for further details or click the link below). This is totally confidential and we organise the system in a way that does not identify any child as having a free meal – they are classed as ‘pre-paid’ meals. Your child may then have a meal on any day, even if on some days they bring in a packed lunch.
Healthy eating is an important aspect of encouraging children to develop a healthy lifestyle and your help in this area is appreciated. Water is always freely available.
Please inform the school if there are medical reasons why your child should not be offered any specific foods.