Cross country race on Tuesday for Y5 and Y6. Netball tournament on Wednesday Y5/6. Swimming for Y3 children on Thursday. Guitar and woodwind lessons on Wednesday. Y6 Science session on Friday. Admissions 2020-21 waiting list consultation now live - click on pale blue 'Admissions' box below.

School Uniform

The school uniform consists of: -

Boys: Grey/black trousers, Royal blue pullovers, White shirts/polo shirts.
Girls: Grey/black skirts, pinafores or trousers, Royal blue pullovers or cardigans, White  blouse/polo shirt. Blue/white checked dresses (for summer)

Other colour tops or any clothing with logos (other than the school logo) are not permitted. All children (with the exception of Minpins children) are expected to wear school uniform and will be asked to explain if they are not wearing it. We appreciate your help in ensuring that your child is suitably dressed for work! 

All footwear should be black in colour, of a practical and safe nature, and well fitting. Heavy boots, high heels, platform shoes, flimsy sandals etc can all cause problems when children run around at playtime or sit together on the floor. Please do consider this when choosing your child’s footwear.


Hair which is shoulder length or longer (ie it can be tied back) should be tied back at all times. Headwear should be kept to a minimum (unless worn for religious reasons). Very ornate or fancy scarves and decoration should not be work as they can be a distraction to the child and others around them and this can get in the way of their work. For similar reasons, children should not have radical hairstyles or strongly coloured hair.


Children require a pair of black shorts, a plain white T-shirt and black plimsolls/trainers for PE. Track suit bottoms may be worn during winter months for outdoor PE but should not replace shorts. These named items should be kept in a named PE bag in school, and available at all times.



The only items of jewellery permitted are two plain gold or silver ear studs (plain and small). No face jewellery is permitted.  An inexpensive watch may also be worn as long as the wearer can make use of it (i.e. tell the time!). Rings, chains, bracelets and necklaces should not be worn, as they can be a hazard in practical subjects. Furthermore, the loss of any of these items can cause a child considerable distress and be extremely time consuming when attempting to resolve the issue. The school will not be held responsible for the loss of personal items brought into school.


Please note we will no longer be supplying uniform at the school.  Our uniform along with book bags etc., and other items can now be purchased at  All purchases will generate a 5% donation to the school.

How to order:

1.Go to

2.Select our school from the list and you will see all the customised items you can buy.

3.Choose the quantity and sizes you would like, then add them to your basket.

4.Pay with a debit or credit card at the checkout.

5.Your embroidered items will be delivered within 14 days (28 days if ordered between the months of June-Oct).