From Monday 2nd November we are introducing a one-way system around the school site. This is to support social distancing and ease congestion at the beginning and end of the day. Thurs 5th - Bonfire lunch. Fri 6th - individual photos. Take a look at our class pages as well as our special projects section using the square button below. Please see our COVID-19 pupil absence guide for parents and staff- available in the 'links and downloads' section below.

Curriculum Statement

Curriculum Intent

We aim to provide a curriculum that is inspiring, broad and balanced ensuring that learning is engaging and challenging for all children. We want to help each child become a caring, confident and curious young person who has a positive attitude to learning, and are proud of their achievements.

We endeavour to develop the full potential of every individual in all aspects of school life, supporting, guiding and inspiring children to raise standards in all areas. 


Curriculum Aims

Within a structured and carefully planned curriculum, the school aims to help each child, in their own way to:

  • acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills as defined within the National Curriculum
  • develop the ability to question and put forward their point of view 
  • acquire and extend language, mathematical, scientific, creative and technological skills; making use of these skills in the wider aspects of learning
  • apply themselves to a variety of  tasks, making decisions both independently and as part of a group, as appropriate
  • acquire good learning habits including self-discipline and independence in learning
  • develop the ability to use their own initiative and recognise their own potential
  • aim towards self-improvement in all areas
  • recognise and celebrate their achievements and successes
Curriculum Implementation
Our curriculum provides daily teaching in English and Maths. Other subjects are either taught discretely or as part of a cross curricular topic.  We believe that children deserve and need us to provide more than the National Curriculum, with so much more to learn, discover and experience.  This means throughout all curricular and extra-curricular opportunities, we strive to promote a life-long love of learning.