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At Indian Queens School we see music as a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children. It is a vehicle for personal expression and it plays an important part in personal development. The teaching and learning of music enables children to better understand society and how communities interact. Besides being a creative and enjoyable activity, music also plays an important part in helping children to feel part of a community. We provide opportunities for all children to create, play, perform and enjoy music, to develop the skills, to appreciate a wide variety of musical forms, and to begin to make judgements about the quality of music.


• To help children develop musical skills and knowledge through a carefully structured progressive curriculum.

• To develop musical skills and concepts through listening, appraising, performing, and composing.

• To develop social skills through co-operation with others in the shared experience of music making.

• To develop an understanding of musical traditions and developments in a variety of cultures.

• To be motivated to enjoy and succeed in music.

• All learning experiences are rich in musical language.

• To foster confidence in and enjoyment of music.


Indian Queens is a musical school with music in it’s heart!


At Indian Queens Primary school we use Charanga to support our music teaching, this is an online music scheme provided by Cornwall Music Services/ hub (ASONE) with lots of visual aids and interactive resources to support children's learning about music. Our children have good resources to enable them to learn music such as a class set of recorders, glockenspiels, variety of handheld percussion, a full set of African drums, ocarinas, handbells and examples of instruments from around the world. Music is the golden thread that runs through our school from Early years to Year 6 (and beyond). We are passionate about creative teaching approaches and using music across the curriculum.


KS2 children also have the opportunity to learn either the keyboard, ukulele and guitar as part of individual tuition lessons and selected KS2 classes have the opportunity to take part in whole class tuition on African drums or Ukulele funded through the Cornwall music education hub. This is a fantastic opportunity and often leads to children taking up individual music lessons for that instrument.

All children also take part in a Key Stage singing  and Music assembly once a week where they learn songs related to the season or important festivals and build upon the key musical learning. Key Stage Two children also have the opportunity to take part in a choir each term.  At Christmas Key Stage 2 we invite local community elders to join us for a Christmas sing-a-long (Community concert) to share the songs we have been learning and Key Stage 1 put on a nativity play with lots of singing and dancing for parents and carers. We also provide a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year.


To support our music teaching and provide engaging opportunities for our pupils, we often invite guests, ensembles and groups into our school and also make links to our Careers related learning and raise awareness of opportunities to work in the creative arts sector and music industry. We are also a partner school of the Hall for Cornwall and the RSC who support creative opportunities and training for staff.


From Early Years to Year 6 (and beyond)

We build on our strong starts in Early Years (See the progression map below) through music being embedded in our provision in all aspects of the curriculum and build on this core learning right from the start throughout the whole school. From Nursery and Reception Music is incorporated within the 'Expressive Arts and Design'  area of learning. Within Music children will learn to listen attentively, move to and talk about music, expressing their feelings and responses. Children will sing within small groups or on their own, increasingly following pitch and the melody.  Within the indoor and outdoor environments children will explore and engage in music making and dance, performing solo or in groups and have musical instruments and props at hand to support free play within music. Children will explore different instruments, naming them and learning how the different instruments are played.  As they then progress through the school they build on this stong foundation and continue their musical learning journey through singing, instrumental learning and exploring the inter related dimensions of music. (Knowledge and skills progression information below).

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