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Early Birds

Early morning childcare provision
Play, relax with friends and get ready for learning
8.00 am – 8.40 am in the school hall
£1.25 per session per child payable in advance
Do I need to book sessions for my child?
Sessions do need to be booked via ParentPay. To be enrolled on the system you must phone the school to be given access to the booking slots from then on. Once booked, you can 'drop off’ your child at the main school reception from 8.00 am each morning. Earlybirds is open every day that the school is open.
Is Earlybirds open to all children?
All children attending the main school will be welcome as long as they do not require support above and beyond the usual supervision involved in this kind of club: it is not possible for Earlybirds staff to meet very specific additional needs or manage extreme behaviour. The children’s safety and wellbeing will be very closely monitored but there is an expectation that children will be quite independent in their choice of activity. The school reserves the right to refuse access, should there be concerns about health and safety or being able to meet the needs of your child. For children attending Nursery we ask that you speak with your child’s key worker in the first instance, well in advance of you bringing your child to Earlybirds, so that we can be sure your child will cope with the provision and not be overwhelmed.
Does my child need to be registered for this club?
Yes, please phone the office to be given access to the booking slots on ParentPay.
How and when do I pay?
Please pay using the ParentPay system. 
Do you have a registration number which I can use should I be able to reclaim child care costs?
Yes – this can be obtained from the school office if you need to reclaim your child care costs.
What are the advantages of Earlybirds?
As well as the convenience which this provision offers to any parents who need to get to work, attend an appointment, etc., it really helps some children to come into school and spend time playing before transferring into the classroom. Earlybirds children arrive in their classrooms at 8.40 am, having already settled into school, ready for learning.
Who will be looking after my child?
Earlybirds is run by a small team of staff known to the children, with support available from lots of other staff working elsewhere in the school.
What will my child be able to do at Earlybirds?
A range of games and activities are set out each morning for the children to enjoy together: for example, construction toys, drawing, puzzles, board games and reading. All in a safe and calm atmosphere.
Will my child be given breakfast?
No. We do not have kitchen facilities first thing in the morning and time is limited, so we hope that your children will enjoy breakfast at home before coming to Earlybirds.
How will my child get from Earlybirds to his or her classroom?
At 8.40 am, children in Key Stage 2 walk to their classrooms to be met by the usual class-based staff. Children in Key Stage 1, Reception classes and Nursery are accompanied to their classrooms by Earlybirds staff.
Will Earlybirds ever be cancelled?
The only time Earlybirds will not take place will be in the event of a whole school closure due to extreme weather conditions or a severe weather forecast, or if the school needs to be closed due to lack of facilities – e.g. no water or electricity.
How can I find out more?
Please call in or phone the school where the office staff will be pleased to answer your queries.

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