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Our Learning Journey

Our Learning Environment 
At Indian Queens Nursery our learning environment is planned to provide high-quality provision accessible to all children. It offers successful opportunities to enhance play and learning across all the areas of the Early Years curriculum.
Everything in our nursery environment is designed to help support the children develop the essential social and learning skills they need when entering more formal learning at a later stage.
At Indian Queens Nursery we consistently promote inquisitive minds and independent attitudes and have created a space in which children can thrive.
We learn through play;
Continuous Provision at Indian Queens Nursery is where children have access to high quality, well organised resources which allows the time, space and opportunity to practise skills that have been taught. Continuous provision time, which we call “Busy Learning”, allows children to problem solve, develop communication skills and learn to build strong relationships to make their own choices and become independent learners. Enhancements and provocations for learning are added to the environment to support the teaching of topic based learning and to follow the interests of individual children.
Tapestry is an online tool that we use to document the assessment of the children through observation. Observations are also encouraged with any home learning or ‘Wow moments’. 
An activation email will be sent to you once your child has enrolled and there will be further support and guidance to follow.

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