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Autumn Term 2 - To Infinity And Beyond

Welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term. We hope you have enjoyed the break and that your children are ready and eager for the next half term! Our topic until Christmas is 'To Infinity And Beyond' and focuses mainly around the Science unit 'Earth, sun and moon' with much cross-curricular work linked to this theme. Our learning begins with our 'wow day' on Monday 30th October, when children will experience the wonders of the cosmos inside 'Space Lab', an inflatable planetarium!
Please find below the curriculum map for information on what the children will be learning.
In order to "launch" our new topic, we were lucky enough to have a full day designing and making rockets. We learned what makes a successful rocket, how to improve them and then tested again to see whose went the farthest. 
What an exciting way to 'launch' into our topic! Children experienced the cosmos inside an inflatable planetarium, learning about the Earth, sun and moon, day and night, space travel, our solar system and star constellations. Brilliant!

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