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Mexican Celebration

27th April 2021

Year 6 participated in a a Mexican food banquet as part of their new topic 'Nuevo Mundo'. The topic will introduce the children to the wonders of Central and South American culture.
The event started off with us using maths skills to measure ingredients for our tortillas - only problem was we had to use different types of scale. We found kneading the dough fun before letting it prove.
Once the dough had risen enough we had to flatten them using appropriate tools that we could select from. We found the dough sometimes stuck to the tools but we overcame by using extra flour. We then cooked our tortillas using frying pans under the supervision of our TAs.
To complement out tortillas we also made salsa and a few dips using fresh ingredients. We used special knives and learnt how to peel and cut items.
In the afternoon and after all our cooking, we had a Mexican banquet where we used our Chromebooks and iPads to explore Mayan ruins. We imagined we were archaeologists who traveled through the jungle to discover ruins - and eat our freshly prepared food!